Briquette from Agricultural Waste a Sustainable Domestic Cooking Energy

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Abubakar Hamzat
Abubakar Hamzat
Sani Yakubu Gombe
Yaya Pindiga


Briquette fuel from agricultural wastes is a renewable source of energy which is environmental-friendly. Substantial quantity of biomass is obtainable in the variety of wastes in Nigeria from agricultural production which can be converted into energy and other materials that can improve our economy that is principally reliant on oil sector. This paper is centred on agricultural waste as an alternative source of domestic energy. The paper recognized and examines materials for briquetting. Methods and steps in making briquetting. The paper concludes that briquetting of agricultural wastes has a vital role to play not only energy but will also reduce rate of deforestation in Nigeria. The paper also advocates that government and other stakeholders should embrace briquette technology to ensure proper way of managing agricultural wastes.

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Hamzat, A., Hamzat, A., Gombe, S., & Pindiga, Y. (2020). Briquette from Agricultural Waste a Sustainable Domestic Cooking Energy. Gombe Technical Education Journal, 12(1), 63-69. Retrieved from